SpaceX will be launching the Zuma payload at January 5th

SpaceX is launching Zuma, a secret rocket worked by the U.S. Government for purposes obscure, on account of it being exceptionally ordered. The launch should happen a year ago, with a November date for the flight, yet it was scoured, reset and after that cleaned again with no firm timetable for a subsequent launch attempt.
Zuma is presently set to take off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral probably on January 5, per SpaceX, from its Pad 40 launch facility. SpaceX ran a trial of propellant stacking on the Falcon 9 rocket that will take Zuma to its objective orbit (about which we know once more, alongside nothing other than that it’ll be some place in low Earth orbit). That should mean things are ready for the launch window coming up this Friday.


Cape Canaveral is a clamoring hotspot of SpaceX action right now – the Falcon Heavy rocket it will launch without precedent for the coming weeks is set up at its adjacent launch facility, prepared for testing and preflight preparations.

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