How To Set Up The Kensington Verimark USB Fingerprint Key

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To set up the sensor and register your fingerprint, you first need to

1. set up your Windows account. In your Windows settings, you can secure your account with a PIN code or password; If you haven't set this up before, you'll need to do it before registering your fingerprint.
2. Plug in the USB and it will automatically install the needed software drivers.
3. Open your Windows settings and choose "Accounts." Under your account you will see several sign-in options, with a portion of the Menu marked "Windows Hello."
4. Scroll down until you find the fingerprint option, and click the button to begin setup. This will welcome you to Windows Hello, and asks you to verify your identity with your PIN number. Once you've done this, you'll be prompted to scan your finger on the fingerprint reader. You have the option of scanning in one or two fingers. Once that's done, you're all set, and can use the fingerprint reader to sign in to Windows Hello. However, it's only set up on the PC you used. You'll also need to set it up individually for each PC you want to use it on, since the device doesn't store any fingerprint data on the device; it's a reader only. Once you have your print registered, you can also set up the scanner to log you into other accounts. The tiny dongle comes with VeriMark's password management tool preinstalled, letting you establish complex and unique logins for all of your online accounts, and sign in and out with a touch of your finger. In our testing, setting it up with LastPass let us sign into websites with our fingerprint, but it was a clunky process that often took more than one attempt to work - not because the fingerprint wasn't accepted, but because the fingerprint-to-login transition didn't always work seamlessly. You can also set it up as a second-factor logon for various cloud-based services. This process is a little less straightforward, with separate instructions for enabling U2F on Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub and Google.



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