Best podcasts 2017: the top online shows you should tune in to

Not all podcasts resemble Serial we should imagine for a minute that its 2005 again, when podcasts were hailed by everybody as the eventual fate of radio. It’s bizarre to feel that in only two or three years, individuals would get quite tired of audio, and the same outlets who had hailed podcasts as the new ruler rushed to tear them back off of the honored position. Thanks to a myriad of to a great degree popular podcasts over the past couple of years, however (we’re taking a gander at you, Serial), podcasts have had their own immense renaissance. Fast forward to 2017, and it’s not simply meets that make the best podcast material anymore, yet advice panels, conversations between great companions, drama shows, scary stories, tales about the past and to such an extent more. We’ve gathered together several of the best podcasts out there to flavor up your morning and night drives. In this way, if you jump at the chance to laugh, cry, scare yourself senseless or open your psyche on your way to and from your 9-to-5, we’ve got the best podcasts you can tune in to today. Want to take a stab at podcasting yourself? Here’s the way to record and alter your own shows.
The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads
●Average length: 30-120 minutes
● how frequently is it released? 1/2 times each week
●Why should you tune in? In-profundity investigations on a variety of topics.
If you’ve ever read The Guardian’s Long Read articles, you know you have to set aside a considerable measure of time to take a seat with them to really have the capacity to process them. Fortunately, The Guardian now records some of them, too, so you can tune in to them on your drive and explore much more inside and out stories. Stories secured by The Guardian’s Long Reads range in topics from the history of Indian restaurants in the UK to political themes from around the world. You can get a few to a great degree assorted topics by subscribing to Guardian Long Reads, and we’d advise looking at it to check whether anything arouses your advantage.
Marathon Talk
●Average length: an hour and a half
● how regularly is it released? Once seven days
● why should you tune in? Motivation to get of the sofa for a run.
Have you chosen that now is an ideal opportunity to start running? Marathon Talk may simply be the podcast that will persuade you to get up and out for a run. It’s the UK’s main running show and is tuned in to all finished the globe by individuals endeavoring to motivate themselves to start running for the first run through as well as running specialists. There’s as of now around 700 hours of Marathon Talk shows out there, so if you anticipate that you’re going to start running a considerable measure you’ll have a lot of material to get you motivated and out the entryway.
The Allusionist
●Average length: 10-20 minutes
● how frequently is it released? Once at regular intervals
● why should you tune in? Intriguing facts about the English language
Do you ever catch yourself contemplating complex ideas like if it’s conceivable to revive languages that have totally ceased to exist? That’s only one of the subjects The Allusionist covers, yet this show also digs into the intricate minutiae of the English language that you’ve never at any point imagined. Intended to be short little blasts of knowledge about the way we compose and speak to each other, The Allusionist is an indispensable tune in for anyone with even a passing enthusiasm for the way languages have advanced and proceed to change at a rapid pace.
Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review
●Average length: Two hours
●How frequently is it released? Each Friday
●Why should you tune in? A specialist film commentator and loads of wittering
If you’re a cinephile, you have to look at Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s podcast. You may have heard it alluded to as Wittertainment, and it’s essentially only two folks who cherish cinema reviewing the week’s releases and chatting in the middle. The podcast acquires a lot of massive superstars, exhaustive film knowledge and one of the UK’s best film faultfinders to make extraordinary compared to other podcasts about the latest releases. Also, there’s a great measurements of Jason Isaac, too. Tune in to Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review
The Football Ramble
●Average length: an hour
● how regularly is it released? Each Wednesday
● Why should you tune in? Passionate football chatter.
A cheerful, truly passionate podcast that celebrates the game. Marcus, Pete, Jim and Luke have gotten a tremendous after, do live shows and offer an ad- free form and host of extra shows if you’re prepared to pay for Acast, yet the week by week classic and another (apparently) wagering centered show remain openly available and certainly justified regardless of a listen – in addition to there’s another move into European football that has fans energized too.
Stuff You Should Know
●Average length: an hour
● how regularly is it released? A couple of times each week
● Why should you tune in? Acquaintances with topics you have to know about Stuff You Should Know are perhaps the most self explanatory title for a podcast ever.
The show features Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant talking about topics and attempting to get deeply of the information you have to know about them. Late scenes have been based around Satanism, stammering and even ketchup. Essentially, this is the ideal show to tune in to if you are searching for great new supper party material.
The Adam Buxton podcast
●Average length: 60-an hour and a half
● how frequently is it released? Once like clockwork
●Why should you tune in? If you want to laugh with great visitors
Darling British comedian Adam Buxton became the lord of parody podcasts when, many years ago, he introduced with mate Joe Cornish on UK radio station BBC Radio 6 Music. Fast-forward to the present day, and Buxton has started a new, meet driven podcast, which he releases about each and every other week. Each scene sees Buxton having profound conversations, also known as ‘ramble chats,’ with the preferences of Louis Theroux, Richard Ayoade and Jonny Greenwood. They feel substantially more real and relatable than other interviews you’ll hear, and Buxton himself shares a great deal too, rather than simply terminating inquiries at his visitors.
My Dad Wrote a Porno
●Average length: an hour
● How regularly is it released? Once seven days, split into seasons
● Why should you tune in? If you want to both flinch and laugh
Simply imagine that you discovered that your dad had composed an actual porno. Your dad. A porno. *Shudders*. All things considered, that’s exactly what happened to Jamie Morton. Be that as it may, rather than ignore it, or suppress it or feel rather nauseated and cry like a large portion of us probably would, he chose to read through it with the assistance of Radio 1’s Alice Levine and James Cooper. And that’s the manner by which My Dad Wrote a Porno was conceived. Carter reads another chapter each week, and it makes for really laugh-boisterously amusing tuning in.
Hip Hop Saved My Life
●Average length: 45 minutes
● How regularly is it released? Scattered release times
●Why should you tune in? Hip hop chat and a few laughs
Regardless of the possibility that you’re not an enormous Hip-Hop Head, this is a great tune in. Brit-based comedian Romesh Ranganathan chats all things rap with various special visitors who recall the first occasion when they heard their favorite hip-hop tracks and how they tie in with their lives. Ranganathan maybe known for his stand up yet he’s a great talk demonstrate have, too, managing to reveal brilliant stories from his visitors – who range from Frankie Boyle to DJ Yoda. His own rap bits of knowledge are great, too, although the less said about his lack of adoration for De La Soul the better.
Hey, It’s Okay
●Average length: 30-45 minutes
● How regularly is it released? Each Tuesday
● Why should you tune in? Chatter with great visitors
Hey, It’s Okay is basically the week after week talk-demonstrate adaptation of Glamor Magazine UK’s month to month section of the same name. In each scene, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Jo Elvin is joined by an individual from her editorial team and a VIP visitor to examine anything and everything. Each scene is about 30 to 45 minutes in length and normally covers three topics of discourse yet they can range from Googling yourself and social media to mental health and relationships. The show gets a healthy range of visitors that beforehand included Dawn French and David Baddiel and the discourses are reliably amusing, grounded and guaranteed to perk you up.
TED Radio Hour
●Average length: an hour
● How frequently is it released? Once seven days
● Why should you tune in? If you want to learn about huge ideas.
Coming to you from the team behind the immersing and addictive TED Talks, the week by week TED Radio Hour podcast postures new ideas, ways of considering and convincing stories for you to contemplate while in transit to and from your mundane office work. Topics can range from ways to save our misery planet and unraveling the issues with democracy to a straight take a gander at the ways in which we cherish. If it’s idea inciting material you’re after on your drive, rather than unpleasant stories or perpetual laugh-so anyone can hear minutes, and then TED Radio Hour is what you require.
The Cycling Podcast
●Average length: 45-an hour
● How frequently is it released? Each Wednesday (consistently amid huge occasions)
● why should you tune in? If you want to inundate yourself in the universe of cycling
If you’re intrigued (even remotely) in cycling, you’ll adore The Cycling Podcast. Created by renowned journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe, the show is revolved around the universe of professional cycling, detailing the week by week talking purposes of the game and the stories behind them.
Important If True
●Average length: 60 minutes
● how often is it released? Once a week
● Why should you listen? Something funny and informative
Important if True is a relatively new podcast, only starting in 2017. Because of this, it’s forgivable to assume that the Important If True gang are new to the world of podcasting, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Chris, Jake and Nick are podcast veterans, having hosted the successful Idle Thumbs podcast for several years. Important if True is infatuated with everything tech and pop culture. At their heart, Chris Remo and co are wonderful storytellers, taking the best obscure tales and stretching them out into epic sagas which all too often get integrated with classic pop culture tropes. It’s not unheard of for a story to begin with an ineffectual piece of technology news, only to morph into a pitch for a B-movie screenplay that then gets called back to throughout the rest of the episode. With laughs abound and some genuinely interesting observations, Important if True is a must-listen for any lover of nerd culture.
No Such Thing As A Fish
●Average length: 30 minutes
● How often is it released? Once a week
● Why should you listen? You’ll gain great facts for dinner parties
What does Toy Story 2, The Large Hadron Collider and the estimated cost of the Death Star in Star Wars all have in common? It’s simple, they’ve all been topics discussed on No Such Thing as a Fish. Each week, the minds behind BBC’s long-running entertainment panel series QI sit down around microphones to share some very bizarre facts and, believe us, this is the best podcast around if you’re looking for some very peculiar knowledge.
●Average length: 30 minutes
● How often is it released?
●Twice a month, on a Monday
●Why should you listen? Campfire stories without horrible weather
You can get an ultra-creepy, yet totally captivating, dose of award-winning podcast Lore every two weeks. Each episode digs up a new, dark tale from our past in a ‘gather around the campfire and share your most spine- tingling stories’ kind of way. A mixture of strange creatures, tragic events, unsolved mysteries and unusual places makes for super-addictive listening that’s almost impossible to pause. And with a tagline like ‘sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction’, you know you’re onto a winner.
Welcome to Night Vale
●Average length: 20 to 40 minutes
●How often is it released? Twice a month
● Why should you listen? Escapism
Welcome to Night Vale is very different to anything else on this list. Night Vale is a fictional town and each episode tells the story of the place through news and announcements. It’s usually shared by the show’s main character Cecil Gershwin Palmer, but sometimes secondary characters pop up to share more about Night Vale too. For this one we’d recommend starting at the very beginning, but be warned there are a lot of episodes of Welcome to Night Vale so it’s sure to suck up a lot of your time.
The Adventure Zone
●Average length: Around an hour
● How often is it released? Every second Thursday
●Why should you listen? If you want a fun way to get into D&D
The Adventure Zone has a basic concept – three brothers have talked their dad into starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and you get to listen to what happens along the way. TAZ is a wonderful introduction to the complex world of D&D but, even if you’re not a fan of tabletop RPG games, the story and characters are sure to bring you in and encourage you to go along for the ride.
This American Life
●Average length: Varied, usually around an hour
●How often is it released? Every Tuesday
●Why should you listen? A few stories around a similar theme
One of the most famous podcasts in the world, This American Life could not be justifiably absent from our list of the best podcasts out there today. Every week the show finds a theme and tells a collection of unique stories on the same topic. Some weeks you’ll discover it’s a journalistic story and other times it’ll be a comedy routine instead. Over 2.5 million people regularly download and listen to This American Life, so you should make sure you’re one of them to figure out whether this is the show for you.
Giant Bombcast
●Average length: Up to three hours
●How often is it released? Every Tuesday
● Why should you listen? Gaming experts chatting away
There are few people in the world that know video games to the same level as the editorial team of Giant Bomb. The team have been writing and talking about video games since the 90s, and share an immense wealth of knowledge about the game industry. Their experience also means that during the big gaming events throughout the year they consistently get some of the biggest names in gaming on as guests. Through the years everyone from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer have been guests on the podcast, and the casual nature of the discussion means they’re often intensely insightful. Were they just knowledgeable the podcast would be interesting enough, but what sets the Giant Bomb team apart is their wit. They’re a funny group, and the fact that they’ve been podcasting together for as long as they have has done wonders for their ability to riff off one another. It’s a long podcast, but there aren’t many other gaming shows can match the quality of the Giant Bombcast.
●Average length: Around an hour
●How often is it released? Weekly, but in seasons
● Why should you listen? Investigative journalism presented in a unique way
You have probably heard of S-Town previously, and that’s because it scored over 10 million downloads in the first four days it was live. It features investigative journalism from the super intelligent minds of the people behind This American Life and Serial , so it’s well worth your time. It revolves around a murder investigation and we’re not going to share any more than that as it could quite easily be considered a spoiler and we really want you to enjoy every second of S-Town. Proceed with caution, because it’s not always an easy listen but it’s an interesting story and is well worth your time if this is your kind of thing.
Call Your Girlfriend
●Average length: 45-60 minutes
● How often is it released? Every Tuesday
● Why should you listen? Two great friends, having a chat
The structure of this podcast isn’t rambling or interviews; instead it’s two best mates having a good old’ chat about everything from feminism, ‘free boobin’ and friendship to politics, periods and pop culture. Fronted by two extremely smart and hilarious women, digital strategist Aminatou Sow and journalist Ann Friedman, the weekly podcast also answers listeners’ problems, and features a Phone-a-Friend episode in alternating weeks, full of in-depth interviews with some of their most interesting best friends.
●Average length: 30 minutes
● How often is it released? Twice a month
●Why should you listen? It’s full of fascinating stories
Another hugely popular podcast, but this time for true- crime lovers who want to get engrossed in quirky cases and the odd murder mystery on their way to work. It’s not really overly gory, but instead explores curious legal tales that you really couldn’t make up, and centres on the people who have done wrong (or are accused of doing something wrong, at least). It’s truly a must-listen for fans of Serial who just can’t get enough of playing podcast detective on the bus.
You Must Remember This
●Average length: Around an hour
●How often is it released? Every Monday
● Why should you listen? Tune in if you’re a huge Hollywood fan
You Must Remember This is a beautiful, and in many ways tragic, storytelling podcast that delves back into the secret history, long-forgotten mysteries and lesser-known figures of early Hollywood. Former film critic Karina Longworth puts an amazing amount of research into each episode, which in the past have covered the largely untold stories about the likes of Charles Manson, Theda Bara, Frances Farmer and Ronald Reagan. A must for those interested in movie nostalgia and unearthing the hidden gems you wouldn’t usually read in a Hollywood history book.
Athletico Mince
●Average length: 45 minutes
● How often is it released? Every second Sunday
● Why should you listen? Some football chat, mixed with surreal humor


The superb Athletico Mince podcast isn’t really about football but the sport provides the backbone to a podcast filled with the surreal comedy we have all come to expect from Bob Mortimer (the Bob half of British cult comedians Vic and Bob) who has teamed up with Twitter’s very own Profanity Swan (Andy Dawson) for what is one of the funniest things you will hear. Whether they are wittering on about Bob’s fascination with real crime or former England manager Steve McClaren’s pet snake called Casper, you’ll have trouble listening to it above your own laughter.

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